About Tankersly's Service Center, Inc.

Old Station

Comer Tankersley began business in Hartselle in 1938 when he and his brother-in-law formed a partnership and established a Sinclair station on the corner of South Sparkman and Hickory Streets. After four years in business, Mr. Tankersley sold his interest in the business to enter the army. Returning home after the war and some time farming in Cullman County, Comer bought the station back from the current owner after hearing that he wanted to sell.

Tankersley Sinclair remained at the Sparkman Street location until moving to its current location at the corner of Highway 31 and 36 in September, 1953. This site needed considerable preparation due to the existence of a pond and Mr. Tankersley worked out a deal with the state to use any unwanted rock and dirt being moved from the roadbed of Highway 31, which was under construction at that time. Once the lot was upgraded, a new state-of-the-art station was built and opened for business the same day that Highway 31 was opened to the public.

Although this station has operated under the Sinclair, Arco and Exxon logos, it has always been owned by the Tankersley family. Comer Tankersley's son and current owner, Kenneth began his full-time career with the company as a partner in 1971. Substantial improvements, including additional pumps and the self-service islands were completed in December, 1986.

A personal, family atmosphere is evident when visiting Tankersley's Service Center. Although he passed away in 1994, two of Mr. Tankersley's three grandchildren, Frank Buckley and Jessica Tankersley are involved in the operation of the station on a daily basis. Along with Kenneth, the Tankersley family continues to provide high quality goods and services to the public in Hartselle and surrounding areas.